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by Tweety Yates, Ph.D.

During Part 1 of our 2-part series, “Strategies for Supporting Caregiver-Child Interactions That Enhance Development,” we discussed the importance (and the power) of our interactions in supporting the competence and confidence of caregivers and children. We introduced six strategies, referred to as triadic strategies, which are listed below in the graphic. While sharing examples of each strategy, we discussed how EI/EC professionals could use triadic strategies to recognize and strengthen the natural competence of caregivers as they interact and support children.

list of triadic strategies

In our webinar, “Ideas for Implementing Triadic Strategies: Putting it Into Action!” we explore ideas and so many free resources for implementing triadic strategies in our everyday practices. We look at examples related to various sets of threes, such as interventionist, parent, and child or teacher and 2 peers. After all, Good Things Come In Threes! We also consider how to incorporate the use of triadic strategies into families’ everyday lives and routines in order to provide young children with many opportunities to learn and grow.

Image from, CC0