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Continuing Education Credit: AFCPE

Building Networks to Alleviate Food Insecurity

This 90-minute workshop uses the Spectrum of Prevention framework to encourage participants to identify and view programs and services in their communities in ways that can support efforts to reduce food insecurity among military families.


Military Home Buying Basics and VA Loans

Prepare to support Service members as they consider their housing options by attending this webinar. Sharpen your military home buying basics including evaluating the household budget, reviewing a credit report, explaining how to qualify for a home loan, and understanding the VA home loan benefit.


SNAP and SNAP-Ed: Supporting Food and Nutrition Security in Your Community

This webinar discusses how SNAP and SNAP-Ed align with national food and nutrition security strategies. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the cornerstone of the USDA’s nutrition assistance safety net. SNAP Nutrition Education (SNAP-Ed) is SNAP's nutrition education and health promotion component.


Helping Military Families Understand the True Cost of Convenience

Buying a candy bar or sports drink at the gas station or an impulse purchase at the grocery store are common examples of spending leaks—dollars unintentionally spent. Meal delivery services are another example of a significant spending leak, with Americans spending an estimated $26.5 million per year on food delivery, including the hidden costs of food delivery that can add 36% to the bill.


Ethical Compass: Guiding Military Families with Integrity

Practicing ethics in personal finance promotes financial well-being, fosters trust in financial relationships, and contributes to a positive and responsible financial culture within individuals and society as a whole. Join Dr. Gutter and Dr. Tyler-Mackey to define ethics, including the military standards of ethics, and ethical guidelines from AFCPE and...


2023 Personal Finance Year in Review

The ninth annual OneOp Personal Finance Year in Review webinar summarizes legislation and events that have impacted military personal finances during 2023 and trends that will continue to impact finances in the years ahead. Explore the results of noteworthy personal finance research studies that were published in 2023, financial events...


2024 Tax Updates: What Service Providers Need to Know

Tax laws can undergo changes in response to economic and societal factors. Given this, service providers play a crucial role as primary sources of guidance for service members. Staying well-informed ensures adherence to the latest tax regulations and helps identify strategies for tax savings. This includes leveraging deductions, tax credits,...


The ABCs of Disability Benefits: Your Guide to SSDI & SSI in 2024

What happens when you’re not able to work for an extended period of time due to a medical condition? What about a child dealing with an issue that impairs her/his day-to-day function? Social Security may be able to help! The Social Security Administration oversees two disability-centric initiatives: Social Security Disability...


Supporting Military Families in the Artificial Intelligence Era

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide valuable assistance to family service providers in various ways, enhancing their ability to offer support and improve outcomes for their clients. Explore AI as a tool for family service providers to increase efficiencies, creativity and engagement in their work with military families. While AI can...


Securing Tomorrow: Navigating Social Security Retirement & Survivor Benefits

Social Security retirement benefits provide financial support to individuals who have worked and contributed to the Social Security system. The amount of the retirement benefit is based on factors such as the individual's earnings history and the age at which they choose to claim benefits. Survivor's benefits are designed to...


Mind and Money: Connecting Mental Health and Financial Well-Being

This webinar establishes the connection between financial and mental health, addressing its relevance for individuals, couples, and families. We explore how emotional well-being influences financial choices, as well as the reciprocal impact of financial decisions on emotional state. Stress, anxiety, and guilt can all impact money management and family financial...


Federal Student Aid: Repayment 101

This webinar covers the basics of repaying federal student loans. Topics include types of repayment plans, forgiveness and cancellation programs, benefits of consolidating, getting loans out of default, and types of deferments and forbearances. Also included is a discussion on certain one-time protections like the on-ramp for student loan payments...