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Cultural Competency Awareness, Action, and Advocacy

About This Series

The 2018 OneOp Virtual Conference: Cultural Competency Awareness, Action, and Advocacy was Sept. 18 – 20, 2018.

This online learning event supports your personal and professional growth in key areas of cultural competency.

Six sessions address topics such as privilege and power, race, equity, dis/ability, intersectionality, authentic dialogue, sexual orientation, gender expression, and health disparities.


Dis/ability, Race, and Equity

In this session, Dr. Beneke encourages us to reflect on our identities so that we may recognize ourselves, our behaviors, and our professional practices within critical conversations of dis/ability, race, and equity.

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Keynote: Fundamentals of Diversity and Inclusion

In this interactive keynote of the 2018 OneOp Virtual Conference, Dr. Phibbs kicks the conference off with an overview of diversity and inclusion, and lays the foundation for our discussions throughout the week.

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Cultural Competency and Authentic Dialogue

Drawing from case studies and audience participation, in this session, Dr. Phibbs challenges us to consider the roles of our personal values and assumptions as we engage in the work of cultural competency.

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Sexual Orientation & Gender Expression within Families

This session explores diverse families and family members within the context of the military experience, including current and historical policy norms, and also explores the Family Gender Environment tool to support providers working with families.

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Health Disparities at the Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, & Disabilities

This session explores health disparities and explores how disparities impact families, providers, and society.

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Capnote: Reflecting, Learning & Advocating

The virtual conference capnote provides an opportunity for participants to reflect on the conference, ask questions, and share what they have learned. Time and space will also be provided to explore the formation of an advocacy working group, where attendees can fortify professional connections and share advocacy insights and experiences after the conference.

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