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2019 has been another great year here at OneOp with tons of new webinars, Anchored podcast episodes, and other programming. We launched several new webinar series this year, which there will more great content in those series throughout 2020. But shifting focus from the future, let us look back on all the great programming from the past year.


2019 began with the continuation of the Kids Serve Too! Series with Sesame Street for Military Families. The first webinar in the series, “Sesame Street Overview on Military Resources,” was in December 2018 and really laid the foundation for the rest of the series to come. The 2nd webinar in the series, “Safe and Sound: Caring in Our Community,” was in January of this year. This webinar specifically focused on implementing self-care strategies for kids in the face of trauma and community violence. Three more webinars took place with the most recent webinar in November of this year focusing on supporting young children with autism and other developmental disabilities. For links to each webinar in the series and for CE credit opportunities, head on over to the Kids Serve Too homepage here.

Our next webinar was the first in our Sexual Behavior in Children & Youth Series (SBCY). This webinar entitled, “Sexualized Behaviors in Children and Youth,” featured Dr. Shelley Martin who shared her expertise identifying problematic sexual behavior and ways to assist clinicians working with children. Our next webinar in the series was our most recent and took place in November. “From Hysteria to Hope: Bringing Reason to Sexual Abuse in Childhood” featured Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau who informed participants of how problematic sexual behavior in childhood can be framed as a preventable public health problem. These two great webinars have been a great introduction to this topic and we will have more webinars in this series throughout 2020.

Next up, we kicked off the Resilience Series, a three-part webinar series that brought together three of the top theorists and researchers on resilience. Our  webinar featured Dr. Froma Walsh and is entitled, “Nurturing Family Resilience Through a Strengths-Based Framework.” Dr. Walsh focused primarily on how families, as a whole, deal with challenges and highly stressful situations and how to facilitate positive change and coping skills in the face of trauma, crisis, and loss.

Our Thrive Series is all about the Thrive Initiative, a resource for parents with programs available for families of children ages 0-18. So far, we have covered an overview of the Take Root and Sprout Programs, and a second webinar that covered the Grow program. Find everything Thrive-related here at the series homepage and be on the lookout for more in 2020.

Finally, one of our more recent webinars to finish up 2019 was “What Helping Professionals Need to Know About Kincare.” This webinar focused on the emerging trend known as kincare, where family members and close friends provide homes and care for children whose parents cannot care for them.

Virtual Conference

In September 2019, OneOp hosted its third annual Virtual Conference entitled “Relationships for Readiness.” This year’s VC held six sessions with experts on networking and building collaborations when working with military families in various capacities. Multiple types of CE credits are available for all of our OneOp audience.

Podcast Episodes

Our 2019 Anchored. Podcast episodes covered some great topics this year including issues of problematic sexual behavior in children and youth, an intro to the Thrive Initiative, and supporting military spouses with employment and education transitions. Access all of our Anchored podcast episodes on our website and on ITunes.


Finally, don’t miss out on all of our great OneOp blog posts from 2019 as well! In our blog posts, we provide additional content connected to our webinars and series, as well as highlight research and hot topics related to military families in 2019. Feel free to add comments to any of our posts or to suggest topics that you would like for us to discuss in future blogs.

Happy New Year to you all and thank you so much for your continued support of OneOp. Hope to see you in 2020!