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By: Jason Jowers, MS, MFT

2020 has been a challenging but inspiring year here at OneOp. Despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, we were able to provide lots of new webinars, several housed within ongoing programming series, with three Anchored podcast episodes, and much more programming for our Department of Defense and clinical professional audiences. What follows is a breakdown of all our programming from the past year, featuring significant highlights.


We kicked 2020 off with the final webinar in our Thrive Series, featured predominantly during 2019. This webinar, “An Overview of the Branch Out Parenting Program and Other Thrive Resources,” showcased the fourth program in the Thrive Initiative, which is available online for parents of middle-school (10-14) and high-school (15-18) age children. Branch Out is designed to support parents and caregivers in their parenting roles as they, in turn, nurture their child during the transitions from childhood to adulthood.

Our next webinar was “Supporting Youth to Set Healthy Boundaries with Technology,” which was the year’s first webinar within our ongoing Sexual Behavior in Child & Youth (SBCY) Series. Other webinars in the SBCY Series from this year include: “Modeling Healthy Technology Behaviors for Young Children,” Problematic Sexual Behavior: The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Evidence-Based Approach,” and “Engaging Families in Clinical Services: A Discussion on Engagement in Family Advocacy Settings.” The SBCY Series has been our longest-running, with many more installments to come in 2021!

Additional webinars of 2020 included connecting with Promundo on Engaging Military Fathers, Using Evidence-Based Programs to Best Support Military Families through the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness, and two webinars exploring helping healthy moms and happy babies by helping families remotely and supporting parents experiencing domestic abuse.

Finally, we hosted “Sesame Street and You: Caring for Each Other During COVID-19 and Other Emergencies.” In this great webinar, the folks at Sesame Street Workshop shared their new Caring For Each Other Initiative, with a focus on resources to help during the ongoing pandemic.

Military Family Readiness Academy

Our newest yearly event kicked off in September 2020 called the Military Family Readiness Academy. This first half of the event provided three webinar sessions with general overviews on disaster and hazard readiness for military families. Be sure to head to the MFRA 2021 event page to RSVP for the eight upcoming sessions in 2021.

One of those sessions will be on March 10th, 2021 entitled “Supporting Parents and Children Through Hazards and Disasters.” This session will discuss practical tips and strategies for clinicians, Extension educators, and support-service providers working with parents as they navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic considering socio-emotional development and resilience. This session will also speak to the need to plan for increases in domestic violence and child maltreatment during emergencies, and what serving victims in this context looks like. Be sure and RSVP for the session soon.

Podcast Episodes

Our 2020 Anchored. Podcast episodes covered some great topics this year! Our episodes this year looked at topics like supporting teens in military families during the COVID-19 pandemic, resources from the Sesame Street Workshop on traumatic experiences and resilience, and a discussion on working with military families utilizing art therapy strategies.  Access all our Anchored podcast episodes on our website and on ITunes.


Finally, do not miss out on all our great OneOp blog posts from 2020 as well! In our blog posts, we provide additional content connected to our webinars and series, as well as highlight research and hot topics related to military families. Feel free to add comments to any of our posts or suggest topics that you would like for us to discuss in future blogs.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all and thank you so much for your continued support of OneOp. Stay safe and hope to see you all in 2021!

Blog Post Image:Pixabay [Happy New Year 2020 by imotivation, December 31, 2019, CC0]