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We know that many families have been and continue to be affected by rising food costs and job loss that impact their ability to provide nutritious meals for their families. That’s why OneOp has focused much of the 2023 programming on providing research-based and evidence-based information and resources around food security.

In June, we’re equipping service providers with the tools to connect military families in need with services to alleviate food insecurity through the 2023 Military Family Readiness Academy. The Academy series offers an asynchronous course developed by national food security expert, Dr. Angela Odoms-Young, a live panel discussion with program and service experts from federal agencies, and a live and interactive workshop around building a localized resource guide.  

Support From Federal Leadership

In support of the Academy, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy, Mrs. Patricia Barron says, “The Department is committed to strengthening the Military Family Readiness System… By taking part in the 2023 Academy series you will gain a better understanding of this complex issue and learn strategies to help expand food security in the communities that you serve.”

In continuing efforts to alleviate food insecurity, Dr. Brenda Martin, National Program Leader for the Division of Family and Community Sciences at USDA-NIFA, says, “The Cooperative Extension System has partnered with OneOp for over a decade to support providers serving military families in local communities. This year, the Academy provides the opportunity to unite the long-standing efforts of Cooperative Extension with those of the Department of Defense to bridge the gap of food insecurity.”

Expand Food Security for the Military Families You Serve!

Service providers are on the front line of combating the issue of food insecurity, and we are honored to have the support of our federal partners to bring forth the programming that will give service providers the tools to support families in need. 

  • Get started today by enrolling in the free, self-paced course, Advancing Food Security for Military Families. Through this course discover how you and other professionals can work together to expand food security for military families in your communities.
  • Participate in the June 7 panel discussion where a group of experts from federal agencies explains how military families can access benefits and programs aimed at alleviating food insecurity
  • Join the June 28 interactive session designed to help family service providers immediately implement food security knowledge in their local communities. 

The June 2023 Academy series will highlight the breadth of supportive food and nutrition programs and benefits available as we explore how service members can better leverage these programs to help reduce food insecurity among our nation’s military families.

Learn more about the 2023 Academy series Military Families and Food Security: A Call to Action!