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The Personal Finance concentration area seeks to strengthen and build the financial management capability and education of Personal Financial Managers (PFMs), Extension educators, and other providers serving military families. This is accomplished primarily through monthly webinars, weekly blog posts, and daily social media interaction via Twitter.

Monthly webinars focus on professional development through timely topics that are of importance to those providing financial education and counseling to service members and their families. In additional to providing practical guidance and tools that can be applied directly in their work, these webinars also provide free continuing education credits.

Weekly blog posts provide up-to-date information on recent financial research, navigation of current events affecting the finances of military families, and tools that can be used to enhance the provision of services to military families.

Daily social media interaction via Twitter promotes upcoming professional development opportunities and shares relevant and timely information and resources.

The Personal Finance Leadership Team utilizes research-driven data and information to support the professional development of providers who serve military families, with the goal of increasing their ability to provide financial education services to members of the armed forces.

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